Staffing Shortages

One of the most challenging problems we face in the cleaning industry is finding and keeping good help. If we could find a way to pay our workers according to a different formula that paid the person a percentage of the income based on their performance, would that help solve the turnover problem?

One thought on “Staffing Shortages”

  1. The turnover problem is faced by many other industries (fast food, as an example)wherein some sort of career path is not evident. These jobs are viewed as fill-in work until something better comes along and I doubt that a money incentive would change the scene much.
    The problem is how to make what is essentially a one level job into one that can be multi-level leading to advancement.
    A small company will have a leader and a manager or two and front line workers. Not much there to move up to and the custodial staff knows it.

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