When sanitizing your working surface is Life or Death… Go Hi-Tech.

Ultrasonic Cleaning
The ultrasonic cleaning system with automated workpiece transport is laid out for multi-stage aqueous cleaning processes and subsequent passivation.
Wet chemical ultrasonic cleaning allows for economic, gentle, and ecological removal of particulate and film-like contamination. Even parts with difficult to access hollow spaces, for example blind holes, are quickly and effectively cleaned with this process. The cleaning effect is based on cavitation: When a liquid is subjected to ultrasonic sound, the high intensity of alternating sound pressure during the pulling phase of the oscillation cycle breaks up the liquid – the cohesive forces are overcome. This causes the formation of millions of microscopically small bubbles. During the subsequent pushing phase, these cavitation bubbles are rendered unstable and collapse (implode), and they generate hydraulic impacts with very high energy densities, thus causing micro-currents in the liquid. When these strike a surface, they blast off contamination, which has been partially dissolved by a suitable cleaning agent, and rinse the dirt away.