High Tech Isn’t Always the Answer

Here’s the high tech solution to a problem, as mentioned in Housekeeping Solutions:

“In recent years, hotels and cruise ships have been plagued by health outbreaks and have turned to advanced cleaning technology as a way to combat it. In addition to preventing illness created by virus and cross contamination, these facilities can use microfiber to effectively address standard cleaning tasks, such as marble or textured tile floors.”

In this case, high tech is called upon to solve something simple. Norovirus, the culprit causing the greatest concern, is found only in the human intestine and so is easily stopped at the wash basin after the toilet is used. Wiping things with microfiber to pick up what a handwashing could have prevented from being deposited is so stupid as to defy the imagination. It is comparable to picking birdshot out of your walls instead of taking the shell out of the shotgun or avoiding firing it in the house in the first place!

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”! Darn, I wish I had thought that up.