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Restroom Cleaning Dilemma

I recently worked with a customer who complained that their restrooms were always smelly, yet the customer claimed the custodial staff cleaned them at least twice a day. When I observed the cleaning procedure, I noticed that the custodians mixed a neutral floor cleaner in the mop bucket (no disinfectant), and further, the restroom floors were a grout/tile combination, so the (somehwat dirty) mop was not providing the necessary agitation on the grout lines. In addition, the custodian only used a Johnny mop to apply non-acid bowl cleaner on the toilets/urinals, and again, did not use a toilet brush, white pad, or other tool to loosen/remove the soil. This is a classic example of improper cleaning procedures, poor training, and lack of understanding of effective cleaning. (These situations certainly keep me in business.)